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Eco Policy

Our Eco Policy

Art by Bodge is a group of Drop Shipping stores and the items on sale have been designed by the owner Shane Bodger. All of the items on sale are unique, displaying and incorporating Shane’s photographic imagery into their design.

 All customer orders are printed individually on demand and distributed from any of the thirteen printing companies contracted globally to Art by Bodge. This eliminates the need for Art by Bodge to hold excess stock and also eliminates the unnecessary use of inks, dyes and water used in the printing process. This practice is much better for the environment.

 The distribution of printing companies globally broadens Art by Bodge’s access to the best quality items to be printed on anywhere in the world. However, this wider choice can mean that our priority shipping takes a little longer as we print items for individual orders which, depending on the item, can take 2-5 days.

 Many of Art by Bodge’s thousands of products are already Eco-friendly. Art by Bodge is striving to only stock Eco-friendly products. This means always looking to replace current less Eco-friendly products with an Eco-friendly equivalent or adding products as a completely new line. This is Art by Bodge’s intent until every product for sale can be sold in all good Eco -conscience. We are also working on universal Eco-friendly packaging from all of the printing contractors used by Art by Bodge.

Art by Bodge is working towards our business running on a completely carbon neutral basis. A key part of this strategy is contributing toward the globally recognised organisation Cloverly. Cloverly enables Art by Bodge customers to contribute towards carbon neutrality through their purchase at the payment gateway. In this way, each transaction will achieve its own carbon neutrality as well as contributing to Art by Bodge’s overall commitment.

Cloverly helps Art by Bodge go carbon neutral or carbon negative. We're pioneering a new eco-commerce model, one we like to call Sustainability-as-a-Service. (SaaS) The platform calculates the impact of common carbon-intensive activities in real time and uses verified, quality carbon offset projects to neutralise them. This flexible platform can be integrated with a wide variety of industries, like e-commerce, flights, ride-sharing, supply chain operations, fleet transportation, and more.

For an e-commerce business, sustainability has never been more crucial. Online transactions and deliveries are on the rise, and research shows that consumers have a preference for eco-friendly businesses. Cloverly provides our online store with an accessible, clear path to reduce our business carbon footprint and make our world a little more green.

As customers, you will see a checkbox to "Add $0.46 or there about  for carbon neutral shipping?" in your shopping cart. Selecting this box enables carbon neutral delivery. Each estimate customers can view the specific amount of carbon emitted from the delivery of their order and the details of the specific offset project used.

  • If you, the customer, elect to green your order by checking the box, you’ll be charged a little bit extra—almost always less than $1—on your Art by Bodge order.

Art by Bodge is also dedicated to contributing to protection of wildlife globally. Art by Bodge is in the process of committing to individual organisations. This will be announced across our stores and through our social media pages when this happens. One of Shane Bodger’s great loves is photographing wildlife of all kinds as you will see in Art by Bodge’s designs.