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From the Photographer

Thank you for visiting Art by Bodge,

My photography is an expression of my love and acknowledgement of all life and our precious environment. I love to share my images when I have a great format to do it on. Putting my photos on everyday products of great quality is that great format. This allows me to bring my photography to a much wider audience.

Everyday products such as bags, socks, cups, towels, cushions, and thongs/flip flops are showcasing my images. These products are now being used, lived with and seen globally.

My love of taking images of the wild world, whether it’s flora or fauna is my great outlet. I see a personality in Harper the Longhaired Scottish cow (see below). I love bringing out the personality in all the animals I photograph. I’ve done this with so many different animals ranging from, but not limited to, llamas, rhinoceros, gorillas, giraffe, zebra, lions and tigers, most Australian marsupials, and even domestic cats and dogs. Plants on the other hand will always just make me feel relaxed and comfortable. I love the geometry in the close-up studies of the world of flora. There is amazing structure in a natural world that supposedly has no straight lines. (As I was once told by a great photographer)


Please enjoy my world without straight lines. Message me and tell me what you like.
Shane Bodger