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Shipping Policy


You are entitled for FREE express shipping for orders over $100. Free shipping is valid on all orders of any cost after promotions and discounts are applied. There are no delivery costs. 


This is best done through the "SHOP" app or website.


The fulfilment times for our most popular products, including footwear and Bags  and all-over print items, are within the 2–10 business days. Delivery Time is outside this period. Express Delivery time does not include assembly and printing time. Express Delivery Time depends on where items are being shipped to and from and what postal services we have to use to get the item to you.


Australia shipments should run very close to normal, so about 5-10 working days from ordering. This is providing items can be printed inside Australia. (We cannot control the postal process).

 United States

Due to some Covid-19 cases in our U.S. facilities, mug fulfilment estimates in the US are now 3–8 business days plus postage time. The estimate for canvas prints has improved to 3–8 business days, These order fulfilment times are U.S. to U.S. If the item is assembled outside the U.S then this does not apply.

 Some orders might be delayed because of apparel industry stock issues.

European Orders

Our European Manufacturing and Printing takes an average of 3-4 days plus standard European shipping times. Unfortunately we cannot control postal services. Express services are 2-5 days post printing. International shipping times depend on where items are being shipped to.


​Since the 2020 holiday season, Global carriers have been struggling with the number of shipments and pandemic delays, resulting in delayed orders. We're seeing improvements in shipping times, but many orders are still taking longer than usual to be delivered. Some orders are subject to long order shipping queues in some countries.

 Our Customer Support team is there to answer your questions, but they don't have access to tracking or any additional carrier information about specific orders. Re-shipping for orders with tracking links that haven’t been updated in a while isn’t a solution since the new shipments will be subject to freight distribution centre hold-ups. 


​The Ontario province in Canada, where our fulfilment centre is located, has issued a stay-at-home order due to a spike in Covid-19 cases. Art by Bodge as a business that provides online retail services is allowed to stay open, so for now we'll continue fulfilling orders in Canada. We're closely following the updates and complying with all safety procedures. We'll let you know if anything changes.


​If the carrier isn’t able to deliver the items because of the wrong address, or if the package was unclaimed by you the customer, it’ll be returned to the default return address.

For our  orders, this means that they’ll be sent back to the facility that sent them out. When that happens, you will get an email instructing you how to get your package. Art by Bodge will hold your order for 28 days at no cost. During this time, a representative of Art by Bodge will contact you.


 Remember to take care of your health. Check the guidelines and current updates from the World Health Organization and Center of Disease and Control Prevention.

​If you would like to get in touch with Art by Bodge, please contact us here.